Thank You!

I would like to thank a few people who made huge contributions to the development of my website.

Tzaddi is a creative and inventive web designer/developer who made everything seem easy and seamless.  She’s a wonderful combination of artistic and techy.  I loved that she taught me new things and was so willing to accommodate my requests. It was such fun to watch the website come together.  I loved that she had an answer to every question – and when, on occasion, she didn’t – she was so willing to figure it out.   When I was stumped, she always came up with a solution that worked beautifully.  She made the whole process seem like magic!  It has been a delight to work with her.

Cami, my awesome photographer, not only took beautiful photos of the cards but did a wonderful job arranging/“sewing” them.  She cleverly devised mechanisms for the videos of the cards so that you, too, can see the surprise that happens when you pull a tab or open a card.  In addition to her quality product, she is great to work with!  I appreciated her can-do, positive attitude and willingness to fulfill my requests.  Working with Cami taught me a valuable lesson.  I will be forever grateful to Cami for making it easy to ask for what I wanted.

Char is a talented graphic designer who offered me 19 different logo designs on the first draft, each of which was a clever way to represent Moving Messages and many of which brought a smile to my face.  Decisions don’t come easily to me, but I’m happy with the result that to me represents the stirring feeling that comes from receiving an appreciation and symbolizes spreading the message of appreciation.

Roland and Soe Soe make the production of my cards such a fun and enjoyable process.  I love working with them!

Connie and Todd generously offered to pose for the homepage photo and made the whole experience so much fun!  I love that you are the faces of Moving Messages!  I so appreciate your spontaneous offer to help me out and your willingness to go above and beyond!  Who knows, this very well may be the beginning of a whole new career in print advertising modeling.

Denis volunteered to offer me feedback even before my site was begun.  I was touched by that offer and found it to be incredibly thoughtful and generous.  His suggestions, many of which hadn’t occurred to me, were invaluable.  I truly appreciate your help.

Jeff A. volunteered to look at my website and offer his thoughts.  I appreciate the time and thought you put into critiquing my site.  Your suggestions were excellent, and I have implemented most of them.  Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

Reed, I love that you just came into the picture and so easily became part of the advisory team. Your perspective was very useful to me.  I acted upon each one your suggestions.

Camron and Aiya didn’t even know me, but offered to volunteer their help.  I am touched by your generosity.  Camron is the go to guy to learn everything about videos.  His guidance and expertise have been extremely valuable.

Margaret, thank you for listening to me share my thoughts about the value of appreciating others and offering your perspective and ideas.  Your questions, clarifications, and sketches were valuable to me.

My wonderful advisory committee: Gerry, Amy, Jeff, Molly, Jill, Bob, Pierre and Carla.  I so appreciate your answers to my ENDLESS questions, your opinions, your listening ear, your patience.  For you, I am so glad this part of my journey is over.   Thank you for hanging in there with me!  Your support means so much to me.  I am forever grateful to you!

Ger – Where do I start?  You are the most patient, willing-to-help, supportive person I know!  I don’t know how you do it!  No matter what the request, you are always there for me.  I so appreciate your advice, editing, opinions, support – even when asked over and over and over again!  You are the epitome of what it means to be a relentless commitment to me and my success.  Thank you for always being there for me.

Amy – I love your enthusiastic response to each of the new cards!  Your belief in me helps me believe in myself too.  I thank you for that.  I admire the ease with which you figure things out on the computer and internet.  Regardless of my question to you, you have a way of coming up with a solution.  I greatly appreciate your willingness to answer my endless questions and take on never-ending projects.  Thank you for always being so supportive of me and all my requests.  I love your generous and loving spirit.

Jeff – I love that I can count on you to tell me what you think – straight out.  I value your opinions and trust your advice.  You’ve given me a lot of excellent suggestions and helped me to make prudent decisions.  I appreciate your re-focusing me on what’s in the best interest of Moving Messages.  That advice has served me well.   I thank you for that – and for being such a huge support to me and Moving Messages.

Molly – I love that you’ve been a part of this journey every step of the way – from the first cards I made to editing the text of the website.  I truly value your advice and opinions.  You’ve given me incredibly useful suggestions about writing the website, and I love that you also pick up on the details.  Both are incredibly valuable to me.  You have a wonderful insight into what’s important, which I admire.  I love your response to the cards I’ve made and appreciation for the consulting work I am doing.  Your belief in me means so much to me.  I hope you know how much I value and trust your opinions.

Jill – I love your reaction to my cards and your enthusiastic support of me.  I love sharing my journey with you.

Bob and Carol – I appreciate your voicing your opinions from far-away Kiev.  I appreciate that you are so supportive of Moving Messages and of me.

Pierre – How can I thank you enough for sharing this journey with me!  I appreciate hearing your thoughts about the logo, the colors, the writing of the website, etc. etc.  I admire your expertise and value your opinions.  You introduced me to the concept of “stirring”, which seems so fitting.  I love that you’re so willing to help me no matter what the task or project – and I love that you’re excited for me.  That means a lot to me.

Carla – No matter what the ask, you are so willingly to offer help and support to me – from setting up a Focus Group to offering advice on my logo and sharing your thoughts about the text for the website.  You’re a wonderful friend who’s always there for me.  I am endlessly grateful for your support.

I would also like to thank those of you who have been enthusiastic supporters of my cards or asked for my consulting service.  I value your belief in me.

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