Messages that Move and Move You

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Moving Messages cards are designed to bring a smile to your face and provide you with a tangible way to give acknowledgements to others. I hope you enjoy sending the cards and that the people who receive them know that you truly appreciate the people they are. As an added bonus, I hope the cards you send help enrich and deepen your relationships and make you and/or your organization memorable to those who receive them.

The Process

Moving Messages custom designs cards for companies and non-profit organizations. We start by asking you to share a brief introduction to your company or organization. We discuss who the recipients of the cards will be, what message you would like to send, and how you would like to incorporate your company’s brand. Moving Messages then works to create a sample prototype for you. Once you see the prototype, you are encouraged to offer feedback. We will work with you to incorporate your suggestions into the design of the card. Once you approve the design, Moving Messages produces the cards and then ships them to you.

What makes receiving an appreciation meaningful and special
is your specific and genuine message.
What specific action or behavior are you appreciating?
Cards are designed with room for you to add your own personalized note.


Card prices vary depending on customization and order size.  Please call us at 206-324-6996 or contact us by email for more information.

Our commitment is to:

  • Capture the look/feel of your company
  • Craft a message that is exactly what you want to communicate
  • Produce a card that’s made with quality
  • Provide a fun experience for you
  • Have you delight in the results
  • Create a card for you that you love to give
  • Provide an experience where individuals feel appreciated


Farestart teaches culinary and life skills to homeless adults. The Executive Director wanted a card to give to the graduates of their programs. Because the program focuses on food, I used food as the theme to demonstrate the transformation that the clients go through.

FareStart Clients

This card acknowledges the commitment of Farestart’s staff to the organization. Farestart’s logo is on the front of the card with their values displayed in each of the ripples.

FareStart Employees


Every month, CBRE recognizes employees who best exemplify their values – Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence. The figure on the card and the colors are CBRE’s brand. I thought it would be fun to have the figure “RISE” to demonstrate their values in action.

Seattle PrintWorks, Inc.

This card was designed for the owner of Seattle Printworks to give to his customers.  The card’s movement captures his energetic personality.

Seattle PrintWorks, Inc.

Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America

Words to Live By are core values of the Boy Scouts. I incorporated those words in the card and stayed with their fleur-de-lis branding. The hug adds an element of fun and an emphasis of appreciation.

Boy Scout Hug

This is a card that acknowledges the good job that someone has done and leaves room to write a personal note.

Good Job

Chief Seattle Council had a capital campaign to raise funds to build a new dining hall at one of their camps.  The dining hall is the building pictured inside of the card.  The Native American emblem was designed for the Boy Scouts for this particular camp.  The American flag is a hallmark at most camps.


HRnovations provides HR services to small and mid-sized companies.  An Associate at HRnovations wanted a card to send to prospective clients after meeting them to thank them for their time. The logo as well as additional information about the services HRnovations provides are displayed on the wheel inside the card.


Optimist International

The Optimists are an international service group that raises funds and provides programs to support kids. ‘Bringing out the Best in Kids’ is their motto. The leader of the NW division wears a top hat (similar to Abraham Lincoln’s) when he goes into schools to talk about the Optimists and the importance of following your dreams. His typical “hello” is “How are the kids?”

Salon Divas

Salon Divas is a hair salon in Seattle, Washington. The front of the card replicates the front of their business card. The hair stylist wanted a special card to send to new clients to let them know she appreciated their business.

Music Teacher

A music teacher wanted something special to give to his students at their holiday recital.  The notes on the front of the card are the notes to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. When the music teacher gave this card to his students, he asked if they could identify the song from the notes.

Sound Web Solutions

The owner of Sound Web Solutions wanted something special to give to clients for the holidays to emphasize how much he appreciates working with them and enjoys helping their business grow.

Sound Web Solutions

Women’s Business Exchange

Women’s Business Exchange was hosting a gala event with the theme, “Beyond the Glass Ceiling”.  The secondary theme was “Elevating Women to New Levels of Achievement and Success.”  When you watch the video, you will see a glass ceiling breaking.

Women's Business Exchange

The Logan School

The Logan School, a private school in Denver, Colorado, held a fund raiser with the theme “Bridge the Gap”. These cards were used to appreciate the donors’ contributions. I used the Logan School’s colors in the card and had their mascot, the Logan Leaper, leap over the bridge.

The Logan School

Personal Cards

These cards demonstrate a variety of moving and pop-up techniques.  The messages offer words of appreciation to people who help you to feel that you are valued and heard, and that you belong.  They acknowledge the impact others have on you and thank them for being caring, thoughtful, understanding, and wonderful role models.

This card is intended for individuals who take the time to listen and truly understood to let them know how much you appreciate them. By rotating the circle, different words magically appear.

Heard & Understood

There are people who go above and beyond.  This card is for them.  By pulling the tab, the flap flips opens to show what is underneath.  The YOU on the inside is like a mobile.

Above and Beyond

There are individuals who provide us with new insights by asking challenging questions and introducing us to new ideas. This card lets them know the impact they have on us.  The front of the card reads, “When I am with you, I gain insights.”  When you pull the tab, both “gain” and “insights” move across the front separately, “insights” in a wave motion.  “Impact” pops when you open the card.

This is a card for a person who has been there for you through good times and bad. The message lets them know how much you appreciate their support and what a gift they are to you.  The lines on the front are made of ribbon and woven through the card.  When the card is opened, the box pops up with a handmade bow on top.

Thank You for Your Support

There are people in our lives who offer us a wonderful role model. “You are someone I admire greatly” are the words on the front of the card.  This card lets those people know the difference they make to us and how much we appreciate their example. The spiral pops up when you open the card.

Role Model

We all experience times when we feel down and face challenging circumstances. This card was designed to give to those who offer us hope and provide us with new ways of thinking during those tough times. By turning the tab on the front, the image magically changes. The inside reads, “Thank you for believing in me.”

Hope & Inspiration

This is a card for someone who takes the time to listen so that you feel heard and understood to let them know how much you appreciate them.  By pulling the tab, the image magically changes.


GraduateThis is a card for a graduate.  The tassel represents the school colors and includes their mascot as well.  I made this card for my son.

This card was designed to give to individuals who are always there for you through both the difficult as well as the wonderful times to let them know how much you appreciate their being there for you. By pulling the tab the heart spins around across the front of the card.  Inside a heart pops up with another heart inside of it.

There for Me

This card is for those individuals who touch our lives by being thoughtful, loving, and caring, to let them know how much we appreciate them. The heart inside the card pops up when you open the card.

Thank You for Caring