Margy Bresslour

Margy Bresslour,
Founder and CEO of Moving Messages

Margy Bresslour is the founder and CEO of Moving Messages, a company dedicated to encouraging the expression of appreciation, acknowledgment, recognition, and gratitude to people who make a difference to you and/or contribute to the success of your company or organization.

Professional History

Moving Messages came into being in July of 2008. Before creating Moving Messages, Margy worked for a number of non-profit organizations that focused on empowering at-risk youth. She implemented programs designed to help youth recognize that they were in charge of their lives – their choices, actions and direction. The programs provided youth with supportive relationships as well as new tools and strategies to help them build the life they wanted. Margy has also had a private counseling practice throughout her career.

Our Thoughts Determine Our Feelings

Through her non-profit work and private counseling, Margy has focused on how the way we think impacts our attitude, behavior, and happiness. We all interpret the world as we see it. Sometimes our interpretations are correct; sometimes they are inaccurate.

Many people suffer from thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not loveable”, “I don’t matter”. Imagine what would happen if more people shared their often unspoken thoughts about the positive impact someone has on them – the warm smile, the thoughtfulness, the perseverance, the positive contributions they make.  Sincere acknowledgements can provide us with validation. They can also have an impact on how we feel about ourselves and those around us – both in our work and personal lives. One measure of our impact on other people comes from what they tell us and how they interact with us.

Pop-Up Appreciation Greeting Cards

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When Margy’s children were young, she made their birthday party invitations. Each card was designed to fit the age and interest of the child. Each had a pop-up feature. She loved the reaction to the cards from her children, their friends, and their friends’ families.

Through Moving Messages, Margy combines her passion for encouraging sincere messages of appreciation with her delight in making pop-up cards that bring a smile to people’s faces.

Moving Messages creates, designs, and produces pop-up greeting cards that have messages of appreciation. We custom design cards for companies, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Card Production

Margy has contracted with a local Seattle area couple, Roland and Soe Soe, to help produce her cards. They are wonderful to work with – dedicated and committed to quality and deadlines; they are genuinely kind and caring people. Our hope is that as Moving Messages grows we will be able to find more people like Roland and Soe Soe to produce our cards.


Through Moving Messages, Margy consults with companies to create a positive and productive work environment. Feeling appreciated contributes to employees enjoying where they work. Research shows that the number one reason people leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated. Giving appreciations helps companies reap the benefit of having engaged, energized, and committed employees. Margy also coaches and mentors managers to help them build healthy and strong relationships and teams, clarify and focus their mission, goals, and plans, and engage in creative problem solving.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak,

but their echoes are truly endless.”

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